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Give your Android phone the ultimate tune-up

Use Power Tune-Up to clean, monitor and update your device and everything stored within it. Here's how to us it.

Even when you aren’t using your phone, apps will continue to run in the background, using your device’s memory and battery life. Keeping on top of this sort of thing can be difficult, and having to keep making sure you close every app properly can be a bit tedious.

With the Power Tune-Up app you won’t need to manually check each and everytime you back out of an app, and instead Power Tune-Up will do it for you. As well as being a great app to monitor how much of your device’s memory is currently behind used, it can also be used to clear your cache, and notify you of high data usage and when your battery level drops below a certain point; all of which are displayed in your notification bar.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your phone in tip-top shape, whilst also saving you a lot of time, then Power Tune-Up is the app for you. Follow this tutorial to learn how to use it.

  1. Install the app

    Search for the Power Tune-Up app on Play Store and then download it on to your device. Open the up and take a look around the app’s homescreen. The four main enhancement options are listed here, as well as the optimisation button at the top of the app.

  2. Check your battery

    Select the Battery Saver option from the app’s homescreen. Here you’ll be able to alter how your battery is used on your device, as well as put in settings to help it last longer. From here you can also add notifications and widgets notifying you when your battery level drops below a certain point.

  3. Clean-up your device

    Go back to the homescreen and select the Clean-Up option from it. Press the Analyze button to allow your phone to scan your device and locate the memory you could be saving if you optimise your device. The app will then display its findings – you might be surprised by the results.

  4. Manage your usage

    The next option for you to look through is the Data Meter screen. Here you’ll be able to set a usage cycle based on your data plan and tariff, which will notify you when your data reaches a high level, or if you’re closing in on your data limit for that month.

  5. Work at maximum capticity

    After you’ve looked through and customised anything you want to change, press the Optimize Now button on the homescreen. This will do a complete scan of your device, and implement all the changes you’ve made. Do this once a month to keep your phone running at its peak performance.