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Give your iOS videos a retro makeover with Movie360 – Tutorial

Movie360 lets you apply some eye-catching filters to transform your Camera Roll footage – follow our step-by-step guide to find out exactly how to use the app.

Movie360 - Add effects to movies - Featured

Movie360 - Add effects to movies - Featured
Movie360 - Add effects to movies - Sidebar
To match the rise in popularity of vintage Lomography cameras, the App Store is now teeming with apps that can apply any number of retro-inspired and image-bending effects to the pictures you take on your iPhone or iPad.
A little less popular, or well known, are those apps that take the same idea and apply it to the video you take. Movie360 is a video app which lets you apply filters to your videos. The app has 16 filters to use (more are added with updates) that range from subtle light and tone shifts (Elegancy and Aesthetic) to some more wacky effects (Sketch, Painting and MagicColor to name but a few). The ingenious part of this is that it lets you select your filter before you begin to shoot, allowing you to compare it with a filter-less screen. This means you can pick your filter based on how much light you are working with, and what screen quality and resolution you have the app set to. Movie360 does not include a social network or sharing function. But to say it is not a good app based on this is to do it a disservice, and miss the point slightly. With a brilliant user- oriented UI and some great filter options, Movie 360 is an app you need in your arsenal.

Movie360 - Add effects to movies - Step-by-Step

Movie360 - Add effects to movies - Step 1

Step 1: Home screen

The app’s home screen has everything you’d need from a filming app, and the interface is self-explanatory. The screen starts on Normal mode, so you have a basis for comparison.

Movie360 - Add effects to movies - Step 2

Step 2: Choose your filter

Slide along the bottom bar to choose from one of the 16 filters currently available. Remember, you can go back to Normal for a comparison should you want one.

Movie360 - Add effects to movies - Step 3


Step 3: Hit record

Once you’ve decided on a filter you’re happy with, simply hit record and film as you would normally. Annoying your flatmate is not necessary, however.

Movie360 - Add effects to movies - Step 4

Step 4: View

After recording, your video will be saved to the in-app library. Head here and select the video you want to see in the slideshow viewer. Press the play button to view it.

Movie360 - Add effects to movies - Step 5

Step 5: Export

If you haven’t selected to automatically export your videos to your Camera Roll, hit the export icon in the bottom-right to see this screen and opt to do so.

Movie360 - Add effects to movies - Step 6

Step 6: Delete

If, however, you think your film is more Ed Wood than Ed Norton, hit the trash icon in the bottom-left of the user interface to delete the one selected.

(Click on the image below to zoom in and view the annotations)

Movie360 - Add effects to movies - Annotated