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Get the BuzzFeeds you want to read

Learn how to get the stories you want from the viral content website using its Android app

Buzzfeed app

Buzzfeed app

As you have almost certainly seen over the last few years, BuzzFeed is a hub for viral content, list articles and quizzes. However, the site is also gaining rapid respect in the industry for its good news gathering and impressive reporting. Its global network of offices writes news and also conducts very high-level interviews, such as a sit-down interview with President Obama in February 2015.

This burgeoning reputation as a legitimate news outlet has prompted BuzzFeed to launch an app specifically for its news section. It regularly updates throughout the day and reports on a wide range of important issues.

We’ll show you how the app works and what steps you need to take to receive the news updates that are important to you, while ignoring stories you are less interested in.


Major Breaking News will be automatically ticked before you begin the process. Press the tick boxes next to each area of news you are interested in to start receiving those particular alerts. Tap again to remove the tick and stop those notifications.


Hitting the white tick inside the red circle on the set up screen will give you the option of adding notifications every time an important news story drops onto the app. This can be reversed in the Notifications menu in your phone’s settings.


Tap the white cog inside the blue circle. This will open up a Settings menu that contains two sliders. The first slider will set up push notifications for key stories, while the second one enables notifications to come through, though they remain muted.