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PitPat Fitness Tracker Recommends Workouts For Your Dog

Track your pooch’s fitness and get expert exercise advice with this wearable

Is your canine companion more of a lapdog than a greyhound, liking their treats a little too much? If your pooch needs to lose the pounds then it’s time to get them a PitPat! Think of it as a FitBit for Fido, designed to attach to a dog’s collar and monitor how much exercise they’re getting and in what form, whether it’s in the form of walking, running, or at play. By syncing it up to your smartphone you can download the data in literally a second or two.

The app, available from the usual Google Play and the App Store, breaks down your dog’s daily activity, showing you what they did from breakfast until bedtime. By inputting your dog’s breed (there are 200 breeds to select from), age, weight, gender and whether they’ve been neutered, the PitPat provides a basic guideline as to the amount of exercise your dog should be getting (for example, 70 minutes per day) and whether they achieve that. It works on a CR1632 coin cell battery, which should keep the PitPat running for at least a year before needing to be changed.

While the PitPat does its job, it doesn’t do much beyond that. There’s no GPS function, for example, which every responsible dog owner should think about getting. It also suggested our dog was overweight – which, according to the vet, he isn’t – which calls into question its accuracy. Still, it’s easy to use, not that pricy, and could provide useful insight into your pet’s health and wellbeing.

PitPat Exploded View

Tracking Rover’s every move

The PitPat tracks your dog’s motion through a three-axis accelerometer, using algorithms to measure your dog’s motion in three dimensions and translate that into the activity they are doing – are they running? Jumping? Walking? Resting? Not all breeds of dog are the same, though; some are high-energy and need lots of exercise, while others are fairly chilled and are happy with just a steady walk. The PitPat is able to compare your dog’s data with suggested guidelines for different breeds to tell you if your dog is getting the right amount of activity for their breed.

Get daily updates

The PitPat app is all about breaking down your dog’s activity so their owner can see exactly when and where they are getting their exercise. It stores information for over a week, allowing you to compare daily activeness and providing an average of time spent exercising. Note that if you take the collar (with the PitPat attached) off in the house then it won’t record anything, so if you’re going to have playtime in the garden make sure the collar is on! For a more detailed breakdown, you can select each day for which data is stored and see at what time your dog was active during that day, and how his/ her’s time was spent on different activities.

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