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Get personalised news updates with Nuzzel

News aggregating services like News360 or News Republic can take some time to learn what kind of news a user is interested in.

Nuzzel: News From Your Friends, however, has quite a head start in this area because it brings you news from sources that it already knows you like and are interested in, specifically your friends on social media.

If one of your Facebook friends or someone you follow on Twitter shares a particular news story, it will appear on the Nuzzel news feed. The apps assumption is that if your friends or follow with someone you will share similar interests and therefore be interested by similar news stories.

So, its like Flipboard? To an extent yes, but Nuzzel has much more streamlined interface for easy reading. This is also why its preferable for reading news stories in the app, rather than in the overwhelming social network itself.

Read on to find out how set up the app and get news updates from further afield with stories from friends of friends.

This tutorial originally appeared in Android Magazine issue 53. Click here for more information on buying the latest edition of Android Magazine.



 1. Set up the app

Download the app from the Google Play store and open it. It will give you the option to sign in with Twitter or Facebook. Tap the options and it will do so, provided you’ve got your log-in details saved. It won’t post anything on your behalf.


2. See your feed

Once you have signed in to Facebook, Twitter or both, Nuzzle will open up your news feed that is filled with stories shared by people that you follow or are friends with. There isn’t an option to remove a story that you aren’t interested in.


3. Activate text view

If a story is loading slowly, you can switch to a text-only version. In the top right-hand corner you’ll see the word Text. Tap, and a basic version of the article will load. To return to the original version, tap the same spot that now says Web.


4. Share favourite stories

Nuzzel works on the principle of sharing. If you read a story and you think your friends or followers may find it interesting, click the Share button in the corner of the news feed. It will bring up sharing options, including Facebook and Twitter.


5. Search far and wide

Tap the hamburger menu in the top left and select ‘News From Friends of Friends’. This opens up a feed of stories shared by secondary contacts. This menu also offers the chance to read the news feeds of your friends.


6. Remove an account

If you find that one of your accounts is showing news you don’t want, press the top-left hamburger menu and click Settings. Tap on the account you want taken off and click Remove. This will stop news from that social media channel.