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Get more homescreen information with Glimpse Notifications

Use Glimpse Notifications to see who's contacting you

Many apps alert you when a notification arrives, but they don’t light up your screen.

Glimpse Notifications puts an end to this by automatically turning on your homescreen so that you can see, with just a glance, if you have a text, an email or even a WhatsApp message. It is a simple, nonintrusive app that requires a couple of minor permissions in order to save you the hassle of unlocking your phone to discover that all you’ve received is an alert telling you what other people are tweeting about.

This tutorial will show you what each of the app’s settings can do and how you can optimise them to do exactly what you want, such as not turning on at certain times or ignoring particularly uninteresting notifications.

LG G4 left facing DSC_1085Grant the app notification access

When you first download the app, it will take you to the notification access screen. Tick the box that gives the app notification access so it can see when you have an alert. This will enable it to do its job and light up.

Test the app

Tap the Test button at the bottom of the screen and turn your screen off. If you have granted the app the permissions it needs, your screen should light up with the Test alert. This confirms that the app is working and it should then activate for all of your app notifications.

Pocket Mode

It is a waste of time to have your phone turn the screen on while it’s still in your pocket, so Glimpse Notifications has a setting that you can enable to keep the phone off if it detects that it’s in your pocket.

Enable Quiet Time

Sometimes you don’t want to have the screen turn on, but neither do you want to disable the app entirely. Slide the toggle to enable Quiet Time mode and then select the time parameters between which you don’t want your screen to light up.

Block apps

If there are certain apps that you don’t want to light up your screen, select the App Selection menu. From there, tap on App Selection again before checking all the apps you don’t want to appear on your screen when a notification comes through.