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Get into social networking

Phones are for keeping in touch and with a range of social network apps, you will never be alone

The big difference between the internet today and that of 10 years ago is social networking. Gone are the days when people would simply surf from website to website in complete isolation. Nowadays, it’s all about linking together with friends, sharing items with each other and keeping in contact. There is an ever growing number of social networks around, but the big three are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, each carving its own niche.

The developers of the apps in question have done far more than just take the websites and squash them on to a small screen – they have ensured that each of them is so easy to use that you will find it no effort at all to return time and again. The beauty about having the apps on your mobile phone is that your social networks go wherever you are. So you could check-in at a cafe and, as you sit drinking a latte, let everyone know exactly where you are in case they want to join you. That is made possible by the Places feature in Facebook.

You may have spotted a rare album in a record shop that you know would be of interest  to the world. Take a photograph of it on your Android phone and, with a few taps of the screen, it can be shared on Twitter within seconds, complete with a short explanation. And if you’re looking for work and want to call upon your contacts, then having them all neatly stored within LinkedIn could prove quite lucrative.

Each of the apps enables you to speedily get in contact with others, sharing the fun and serious aspects of your life. They can also save you money. Rather than make a phone call, you could tap out a quick instant message. Or you may be searching through your Twitter feeds, reading the musings of others and see that someone has stumbled upon a bargain that you quite fancy trying. The Android phone is fully geared up for such networks too. The Gallery and Camera apps allow you to share your images via a variety of means, including Facebook, and it is this integration that means there is no excuse not to get involved. It’s almost as if  your phone is begging you to try.