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Get fit without being a slave to the gym

We’ve got some fitness gear that is cheaper than a gym membership


Clanging and banging iron at the gym can be an expensive hobby. The average gym membership costs between £300 and £360 a year (that’s roughly £25/£30 a month) – and that’s not even factoring in the cost of a year’s worth of protein shakes and supplements. But don’t let all those fancy magazine adverts and YouTube videos fool you – you don’t need to be signed up to a local gym to hit your fitness goals for the year. Yet that doesn’t mean you have to head out and pound the pavement in the cold, either. All you need is a decent cross trainer to keep those calories burning at home. The Magnetic Cycle and Elliptical Trainer from V-Fit that we’ve picked out is a brilliant alternative to the gym. For a start, it’s going to cost you less than half a year’s gym membership and serve you well for years to come. It’s also a two-in-one piece of hardware, giving you both bike training and elliptical cardio sessions in one package. Considering how much space both a bike trainer and an elliptical machine would take up in your garage or spare room, condensing them both into one machine is economically sound for the both the wallet and your home. Position it near to your TV and you can even binge a boxset while you feel the burn.



Or you could try:

IQI Fitness Weight Training Bench Set Multi Gym

If you’re working out from home, having a weight training station is key. So this multi-function bit of kit enables you to work both your upper lower body.
£65 | $80 |


TRX Suspension Training Kit

This brilliant set of suspension straps are ideal for using your body’s weight to create a dynamic resistance training setup at home.
£120 | $130 |


Lonsdale Fitness Strike Bag

If you’re looking to increase your cardio and add a little boxing or MMA spice to your workouts, a punch or strike bag such as this will keep you kit and deadly all at once.
£50 | $85 |


XM-PROIII Treadmill

This lightweight, foldable treadmill combines up to 12kph of speed, three levels of elevation and built-in speakers for pumping out tunes from your smartphone. £210 | $270 |


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