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Get CyanogenMod apps without having to root Android

Try Trebuchet launcher, Apollo Music and more with having to flashing the CyanogenMod ROM

Rooting your Android device may open up lots of new possibilities, but it can also be a scary process – particularly if you’re new to rooting or your device is brand new!

If you want to get a taste of the rooted experience without the risk of bricking your device, you can easily download and use some of the apps that would normally only be available to rooted users. CM Apps is a free Google Play download that gives you access to a maximum of 10 apps, wallpapers and a custom launcher that usually only come pre-installed with the popular CyanogenMod custom ROM.

We will give you a step-by-step guide on how to use CM Apps to download any of the 10 apps and other CyanogenMod goodies, before showing you how to give your device a complete CyanogenMod makeover using the launcher, wallpapers and the CyanogenMod widget – all with absolutely no root required. So you can keep your device well and truly safe from bricking.

This tutorial first appeared in Android Magazine issue 50, which is available in all good shops and for digital download now.


  1. Browse CM Apps

    First, launch CM Apps. The main screen displays a list of the different CyanogenMod apps you can install. To install an app, give it a tap and follow the on screen instructions, tapping Next and OK where appropriate until you see an Install option.

  2. Apollo Music player

    One app to download is the Apollo Music player. You can browse your music by Artists, Albums, or Songs, by tapping the tabs. Also browse the default playlists or make your own by tapping the dotted icon and selecting New playlist.

  3. Add the Apolllo widget

    The Apollo Widget lets you pause, play and skip tracks from your homescreen. Press an empty section of homescreen, tap Widgets and long-press on the Apollo widget. It will appear on your homescreen for you to move and resize.


  4. Create bookmarks

    File Manager is a straightforward file explorer app that lets you bookmark areas of your device’s file system for easy access. To create a bookmark, go to the area you want to bookmark, tap the dotted icon and select ‘Add to bookmarks.’

  5. Use Trebuchet launcher

    Download the Wallpapers, Clock Widget and Trebuchet launcher apps. Set Trebuchet as your launcher in Settings>Home>Launcher 3. Add a CM wallpaper by long-pressing your homescreen, then selecting Wallpapers>CM Wallpapers.

  6. Create cLock widget

    Once you’ve chosen your CM wallpaper, add the cLock widget to your homescreen by long-pressing and then selecting Widgets>cLock. Customise the widget, then tap the checkmark and the widget will appear on your homescreen.