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GarageBand Tutorial: How to set up a wireless jam with others

Follow this simple step-by-step tutorial to find out how to use a shared internet connection to play along and record with other iPhone and iPad users.

GarageBand iOS Tutorial - Jam - Featured

GarageBand iOS Tutorial - Jam - Sidebar
GarageBand iOS Tutorial - Jam - Featured
If you have ever harboured the desire to create an all iOS musical group in order to take the charts by storm, well now is the time to do it.
Not only can you play with other iOS devices, but you can record them onto your iPad using the Jam Session feature. This incredibly cool option is baked into version 1.2 of GarageBand and lets users connect to a host iPad over a shared local Wi-Fi connection. Each of the players can then play away while the host records into their device. You can even connect with an iPhone, too.

It’s incredibly cool, really easy to do and surprisingly effective. Once you’ve recorded your work, all the parts appear in the Arrangement page as if you had recorded them yourself. Only the most excellent musicians could record something perfect first time around, but there is definitely something satisfying about jamming out some tunes, whether they are covers of your favourite chart songs or your own masterful creations. Here’s our guide on how to get jamming on your iDevice.

GarageBand iOS Tutorial - Jam - Step-by-Step

GarageBand iOS Tutorial - Jam - Step 1

Step 1: Jam icon

Load up GarageBand and your favourite instrument. Hit the Jam Session icon in the top-right of the app’s interface to reveal this menu. Now tap on the Create Session button to begin the process.

GarageBand iOS Tutorial - Jam - Step 2

Step 2: Join the host

On the second device you should now see the new Jam Session created in the first step when you repeat the process. Tap on it and the two devices will link up ready to make magical music.

GarageBand iOS Tutorial - Jam - Step 3

Step 3: Band members

On the host device you should see the band members appear as they connect. Make sure that the control sliders at the bottom of the window for control and collecting recordings are set to On.

GarageBand iOS Tutorial - Jam - Step 4

Step 4: Quick message

This alert will appear on each band member’s device to tell them that you, as the host, have the main control. Dismiss the message by hitting the OK button. You are now ready to rock.

GarageBand iOS Tutorial - Jam - Step 5

Step 5: From the top

Hit the Record button on the host device and all the others will be able to see your progress. You can now bash out your rhythms, beats, chords and congas. Any player can stop and start the recording.

GarageBand iOS Tutorial - Jam - Step 6

Step 6: Keep tabs on it

Use the Transport bar at the top of your interface to monitor the timing of each section that you play. Usually this is in sections of eight bars but can be extended in the Arrange section if need be.

GarageBand iOS Tutorial - Jam - Step 7

Step 7: Green is good

You may find you have to record in smaller sections. Keep tabs on how far your recording has gone by monitoring the green line in the Transport bar. You can always re-record if you’re not happy.

GarageBand iOS Tutorial - Jam Step 8

Step 8: Arrange it

Tap the Arrangement button to see this view after you have finished jamming. You will see the parts from the connected instruments appearing under your master ones.

GarageBand iOS Tutorial - Jam - Step 9

Step 9: Start over

You can end the session at any time by hitting the red Stop Session button. Everyone else in the Jam will get this message to let them know that the dream is over for now.

(Click on the image below to zoom in and view the annotations)

GarageBand iOS Tutorial - Jam - Annotated