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GameSalad Creator offers iPhone game creation “for the rest of us”

Gamers who fancy creating their own iPhone titles will be able to do so very soon thanks to the imminent launch of a new publishing system.

Targeted at amateur and professional game developers, GameSalad Creator has been operating as an open beta application for a few months but the official release is due in the next few weeks.It comes as a relief for hundreds of developers who have been creating games using the system and have so far been in the dark about the intentions of Gendai Games, the firm behind the service.

Although Gendai is remaining tight lipped about the specifics until the official launch, it is expected that developers will have to pay to see their games available on Apple’s App Store. But GameSalad allows people to create games without any programming knowledge, providing a user-friendly interface and templates for various game genres.

Game making programmes are nothing new but this is the first time one has been made available for the iPhone and it paves the way for independent games production.The open platform program can also be used to produce games for the web and social networks such as Facebook and it is free to download from

“We’re at an extremely exciting point in our company”, says Gendai Games CEO, Michael Agustin.

“The number one feature that everyone has been clamoring for is an easy, more intuitive way to create a game for the iPhone. With GameSalad’s visual based logic system along with it’s drag-and-drop interface – we are poised to make that a reality.”

By David Crookes