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Game Review – Wild West Guns

picture-4Developer: Gameloft
Category: Games
Price: £2.99

Did you ever want to be John Wayne or Lee Marvin as a kid? We personally preferred the hard boozing of Dean Martin in Rio Bravo but then that’s just us. Regardless, your dreams of being a cowboy can be made a reality with Gameloft’s western shooter, Wild West Guns. Taking a cue from old coin-op classics like Time Crisis, Wild West Guns is a point and shoot game made all the better through its use of the iPhone’s Multi Touch display. Rather than working a trigger, your finger comes into play to pinpoint the bad guys you want to shoot while being careful to avoid the maidens in distress who crop up from time to time.

Little details make this game a cut above pretenders such as bonus points for hitting items (even chickens!) in the background while you continue to take down your targets. It’s not just outlaws you’re after either, a variety of different games per level see you shooting flying sombreros and vultures attempting to make off with some cute bunnies.

While you could quite easily finish the basic version of Wild West Guns in a matter of hours, should you have the patience, you’ll want to go through the different difficulty levels to truly test yourself and amass a huge score as well as unlock new challenges. Scores are measured in cash with a certain amount needed to complete each level of which there are six to begin with. Beyond these levels you can then move to Survivor, Reload and Sniper modes to prove your dominance in the wild west.picture-33

Graphically, Wild West Guns is great to look at and relies on detailed, static backdrops for enemies to move in front of. The flat backgrounds provide a slightly less impressive overall feel to the game than other shooters we’ve tried on this platform but doesn’t distract from the fun to be had. Wild West Guns is all about action and excitement rather than securing any design awards. That said, the benefit of such simple visuals means that the act of playing the game and animations are fluid, from the hijacked trains to the bandits on horseback. The menus also look great and are simple to navigate with a tap of the screen.

Whether you’re after a five minute gunfight or a serious showdown, Wild West Guns will keep you entertained for as long as you want and for it’s mid-range asking price is great value to boot.

Longevity: 8.2

Fun Factor: 8.8

Practicality: 6.5

Value For Money: 7.9

Kung Fu Verdict: 8.5