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Game Review – The Sims 3

Control the life of a digital character in this feature-packed and long-awaited extension to The Sims series

Sims Control the life of a digital character in this feature-packed and long-awaited extension to The Sims series

Price: £29.99
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Our digital alter ego isn’t exactly role model material. Within three days of moving into a new town, iCreate’s sim had tricked the neighbour into falling in love with him, kicked out her kids and moved into the five bedroom house. The fridge was soon empty, the bills unpaid, and a baying mob of distraught family members were banging at the door. As you may have guessed, The Sims 3 gives you free reign over the life of a digital character. Where that leads is up to you. The first step is to create your sim, and this third iteration of the game brings more customisation tools than ever before, letting you dictate the tiniest of details. Take noses, for example. The Sims 3 allows you to decide the nose length, rotation, height, width and scale. You can even decide what clothes your sim wears to bed, to the gym and to work. Those who want to experience everything that a Sim life has to offer will even find an option to begin the game as a baby. Sims2Earlier Sims titles were criticised for the daily chores you had to endure. Washing, using the toilet, keeping them fed – the tasks were gruelling after extended plays. Thankfully The Sims 3 introduces an increased artificial intelligence that can automate these tasks, leaving you to focus on the new features of the game – such as lifetime wishes. Depending on the character traits you choose, your sim will occasionally announce that they have a wish, such as playing the guitar in a park, and it’s your task to make this happen. If you’re successful your sim will have a temporary, euphoric mood boost, and become more popular to other characters in the game. Another new feature is the world itself. Step outside of your house and you’ll discover an entire town to explore with no loading screens. You can visit the shops, take another sim for a meal – the list of locations and things to do is almost endless. The result of these new features, character customisations and interactions is that the game is totally addictive. If there’s one way to fill an evening, this is it.
The game ran well on our year-old iMac, only chugging occasionally when we panned the camera quickly. If you’re confident that your Mac meets the system requirements, then this game comes highly recommended.

Pros Fantastic presentation, addictive gameplay and one of the most comprehensive games on the Mac
Cons Fairly high system requirements and less items for customising your house than in previous games

Verdict 5 out of 5 stars
★ ★ ★ ★ ★