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Free live-booting distro DVD with LU&D #162

BackBox, Tails, Clonezilla, GParted, SystemRescueCd and Porteus all on one disc

LU&D #162

LU&D #162

A brand new issue of Linux User & Developer hits the high street and the app stores today – we’ve done something a little different for you this time.

We’ve brought back the free covermount DVD for a special Total Distro Toolkit feature. Every print edition of the mag comes with a live-booting disc containing six excellent distros:

In the feature we show you how to use your live-booting disc to anonymously access the internet, handle disk partitioning, pen-test and strengthen your network, clone and restore systems, repair broken systems, and diagnose boot issues. It’s designed to be a rescue disc, so you can fish it out of your drawer when you run into trouble and don’t have the means to create your own bootable disc or flash drive.

Total Distro Toolkit

Also this month we help you take your Python skills into professional environments. Develop With Python focuses on sysadmin, web development, computational science and robotics, identifying the key skills, tools and Python packages you’ll need for each discipline and teaching you a few tricks along the way.

Develop With Python

Besides that, we have another great tutorial line-up for you – there’s Blender, MonoGame, MariaDB, debugging tips, plus guides to working with threads and generating random numbers for strong password creation. On the Pi side of things we have a brilliant setup guide for the Pi Zero and a guide to making wearable tech with it. There’s a fascinating interview with Ikey Doherty of Solus OS, we review the LeMaker Guitar, as well as the best package managers, and much more.

Pi Zero Setup

Don’t miss out this month – order your print copy and free DVD here, or grab a digital edition for Android, iOS or Zinio.

Linux User & Developer #162