Free app of the week: Parchi

Write quick notes on your phone from your lockscreen with this handy free app

The standout feature of this neat note-taking app from Microsoft is the ability to create a new note from the lockscreen, making it easy to jot down a few words very quickly: just tap the widget button in the top-right corner, type some text and add an optional photo.

It’ll also show any notes you have pinned to the lockscreen. Another key aspect is the ability to add Twitter-style hashtags to notes that can then be placed in line or selected from a menu, which makes it easier to search for notes by topic. While creating or editing a note in the app, you can easily add a reminder date and time, then favourite it.

Other options enable you to change the colour, add a photo and create a list. Strangely though, notes have no titles and you can’t reorder them.