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Ford’s Carr-E, a novel way to travel

The Carr-E is powered by an electric battery and creator Kilian Vas says it should be able to travel for 14 miles (about 22.5 kilometres) before it needs charging up again

Encourage the employees at Ford to get creative and they don’t mess around – the Carr-E is a concept that’s part electric scooter and part chopped-down Segway, and it’s the result of Ford’s 2016 Employee Innovation Challenge, which specifically focused on the ‘last mile’ of the everyday commute (from the train platform to home, say). It’s certainly a futuristic-looking mode of transportation but whether or not you’d be comfortable gliding into the office foyer on one is another matter. If you don’t want to take a ride yourself, it can transport packages and objects for you.

It might just be a concept for now but plenty of thought has gone into the Carr-E. It’s intended to slot into that space in your boot where the spare tyre normally goes, so you could park up somewhere and then use this novel form of transportation to explore. Be careful though – the top speed of around 11mph is above the average jogging speed. It’s the vision of Kilian Vas, a Ford systems engineer from Cologne in Germany, who says he was inspired to “find new approaches to mobility” for the modern age. However, as yet there are no plans to make the Carr-E a real product.

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