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Flow*d review

Flow*d offers a unique social media experience, combining the typical aspects of social media, with a strong and quirky musical twist. But is it a social experience that you'll want to come back for again and again?

When you first open Flow*d you instantly notice the slick interface which it has been built around, a great start. After signing up and uploading a musically inspired photo of yourself (not essential but it just felt necessary), you are free to explore the world of Flow*d.

On the home screen there are a selection of tabs for you to have a look at, navigating to the friends tab lets you view all your friends, or lack of, alongside their profiles and what they’re up to. Adding friends through Facebook is possible through Flow*d, as well as sending a group SMS and email.

The next tab to take a look at is the places tab, one of Flow*d’s best features. Using the places tab allows Flow*d to lock on to your current location and list venues and clubs close to you which you might like to visit. If a venue isn’t listed that you know is close-by, you can personally create a listing for it. When looking through some of the listings, a few did look a little off with the distances that were noted, but not far off. Flow*d’s main pull however, is with the fourth and final tab, the artists.

Clicking on the artists tab allows you to look through the singers, DJ’s and bands that have signed up to Flow*d, which at the moment, is quite a lot! Each artist has a profile page, where you can write a message on their wall, sample some of their tracks, look at their photos, check to see any upcoming gigs and also see if they’re offering any coupons for future gigs.

After having a good nose around on the artists tab, I did find a few familiar faces, mainly The Wanted and Fenech-Soler, but no real standout names. It is without doubt a brilliant platform for unsigned or upcoming artists to get their music showcased and gain a following, but it doesn’t have the pulling power which a real standout artist would bring to the app.

Flow*d, as a concept, is a fantastic idea, interact with people who share a similar musical taste to yourself, while also following your favourite bands to see their latest updates and where their next gig is. It boasts an impressive and responsive design, and still manages to pack in a lot of ideas in to its tiny package. All Flow*d needs is a major and well-established artist to join its ranks to really give it a good chance of becoming a massive hit.