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F**king NDA

A Gordon Ramsay-esque website has appeared on the web that vents the frustration of iPhone Developers who have been silenced by Apple’s famous NDA.

A Non-Disclosure-Agreeement is signed by every developer before they are allowed to make Applications for the iPhone (we journos sometimes have to sign them too, before products are launched). It prevents developers from sharing the way they code and build their applications.

This is typical procedure for Apple who believe that by stopping people from communicating about the inner workings of the iPhone it will prevent malicious hackers from gaining valuable knowledge about how to reach parts fo the iPhone OS X that could be exploited.

The downside of this is that developers have to do their work in virtual silence, unable to communicate with others who may be able to help them make their applications better.

As a result there have ben frequent twitter posts of ‘F**king NDA!’ in the iPhone community. There have been so many in fact, that a website with that same name has now appeared online to document the sheer volume of posts.

Its easy to understand both sides of the story in this situation. On the one hand nobody wants to dwnload an application that will brick their iPhone, and on the other hand it seems overly paranoid for Apple to forbid communication between developers because of just a few bad apples in the communty (no pun intended).

Apple have so far been louding the simplicity of the iPhone as a platform to develop for, but at the moment at least it, seems as if there may be a bit of a backlash heading their way. Lets hope some sort of middle ground can be reached so that our apps can get better without anyone ruining it for the rest of the development community.