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Five Questions For: Stephen Fry


In a regular series of short interviews, iPhone Kung Fu asks five questions to well known iPhone users. 

Today’s five questions are put to one of the most prominent iPhone users in entertainment today, Mr Stephen Fry.

Currently as well known for his online activity and iPhone use as his many years in television and film, Stephen has written several books and is an active blogger and Twitter fan. As the owner of several iPhones we thought it fitting that he kicked off this ongoing series of interviews. 


1. What is your all-time favourite iPhone application and why?

Tweetie. I think it’s the absolute king of Twitter apps. The fastest, cleanest and most reliable by a mile. The author is constantly updating it with imagination and flair.

2. What feature would you add to the iPhone?

Copy, cut and paste seem to me essential. One assumes there is a patent issue with the two solutions offered by WinMob and RIM. Maybe Apple should swap a little Multi-Touch action for some cut and paste biz? 

3. What was the last played song on your iPhone?

Stardust as sung by Nat King Cole, as it happens. His version sends shivers down the spine.

4. What image do you have as your iPhone background?

It’s a frog whose feet seem to be pressed against the underside of the glass. Available from the app Backgrounds.

5. What’s the strangest thing you’ve looked up on your iPhone?

Wow, there’s a question. Context is all. I remember being in the middle of a jungle in Madagascar going to IMDB to check that Michael Madson had indeed been in the movie Wargames. I won the bet. Yay! Not an unusual use of the iPhone, but strange when surrounded by lemurs and exotic flora….

Find out more information regarding Stephen on his brilliant website at and follow him on Twitter at