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Five best new apps for Apple Watch

There's over 3,500 apps available already for Apple Watch. Here's five of the best new ones, including Imagine Publishing's very own Just A Score

Just A Score – Free

Just A Score is a brand new app from Imagine Publishing that lets you score anything. And we mean, literally anything. It’s fun, addictive and built especially for Apple Watch. You log in to the app through Facebook or Twitter on your iPhone and then it’s up to you what you score. Search for your favourite magazine and rate it out of ten, rate your holiday, a politician, a film – the list is completely endless. You’ll be scoring serious stuff as well as a lot of fun things too. You get to follow your friends and share your scores on all the popular social networks. There’s also a Trending section that lets you see what is currently popular with other users. That Trending section is one of the two menus available to Apple Watch users; the other is an Activity log that displays what you and your followers are scoring.


Do Button by IFTTT – Free

Automation apps have become very popular in the last year or so. Our favourite automation app is IFTTT, a very powerful tool based on the If This Then That premise. As a result you can build hundreds of recipes that can virtually automate anything on your devices. All the big names are onboard, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Nest. The developers behind the app have come up with an ingenious concept to make IFTTT work with Apple Watch. Do Button empowers you to create your own personalised button with just a tap. So you can control the world around you with recipes that connect your button to home automation services such as Nest and Phillips Hue. The recipes you make aren’t meant to be too complicated; it’s more a case of being able to turn smart lights on and off, or raise the heating to a certain, preset temperature.

Procreate Pocket – £2.29/$2.99

A lot of apps in this list use notifications to make themselves useful, alerting you to news stories, flight times or sports scores, but Procreate Pocket is an app that has creativity at its core. Procreate turns your Apple Watch into a remote tool and colour picker for painting on your iPhone, taking it cues from traditional wooden artists’ palette. This leaves your iPhone as a blank canvas, perfect for focusing on your work, while you use the remote watch app to select your brush, eraser or effects. You can undo, redo and change colours too. If you force touch the screen you can create a new doc, right from inside your current works – perfect for sketching!

BMW i Remote – Free

This is an app that Apple singled out during the second Apple Watch keynote when showcasing the many brilliant features of its watch. We’ve got to agree, this is a seriously cool app for any one who owns an electric BMW i car. Users will be able to check the charge status of their automobile and even receive a notification when the car is fully charged. The Apple Watch displays the battery percentage and the range of miles left before you need to head somewhere to charge your car. There’s also a feature that shows your car or destination on the map. You can view all the information you’d expect, as well as remotely adjusting the inside temperature from your watch before you enter it! Now that’s the future. You also have the ability to remotely flash your headlights. It’s feature packed and we like it a lot.

Keynote – £7.99/$9.99

Keynote is Apple’s PowerPoint equivalent, a brilliant presentation app that the Cupertino company uses to create all those famous keynotes we’ve been treated to all these years. You can of course control your presentation via whichever medium you created it in, but you can also use your iPad, and now your Apple Watch, to control it. Your Apple Watch acts as a tiny remote, enabling you to keep your presentation running smoothly. Functionality is limited but works impressively. Hit the green play button to get going. You can of course pause and resume your presentation at anytime, perfect if you need to emphasise a point. You can always go forward and back at will rather than relying on an automated timer.