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First Look – MobileMe iDisk App for iPhone

Apple has added a new iPhone app to the App Store to sit alongside its Remote and Keynote Remote apps. MobileMe iDisk is an app for those signed up to Apple’s MobileMe service that allows access to the files stored on a users personal MobileMe server space.

The free app provides a convenient way to view the files you have uploaded, access Public Folders and even share files from your MobileMe iDisk with other users.

Using a simple interface to scroll through folders and access files, the iDisk app offers navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen to select between recent files, shared files and Public Folders where you can add the account name of another user to access files they have made available.

Files compatible with the iPhone, such as photos, iWork and Office documents, PDFs and QuickTime movies can also be accessed and played from within the app.

Testing the app on WiFi connection we’ve found it to be pretty quick thus far. Even, dare we say it, faster than accessing the iDisk on your desktop. Files, including small videos, loaded and played/displayed in a snap and sharing is as easy as tapping a small share button next to your file (although it’s so small it may take a few attempts). 


This is a handy way to manage files on your MobileMe iDisk and, being a free app, offers additional value to your MobileMe subscription. We recommend trying it out today. iDisk for iPhone wont make a huge difference to basic MobileMe users but for those already storing and sharing files online, it’ll be a handy addition to your iPhone.  It may even convince those who haven’t made use of their online storage to start doing so.