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First games for Samsung Gear VR revealed

Temple Run, Gunner and new games from the creators of Rock Band, Monument Valley and The Room are the first planned launches for the Note 4’s Oculus Rift-powered headset.

A number of developers have announced they are working on games for Samsung’s Gear VR, the new virtual reality headset powered by Oculus.

Journalists were also able to try out a first-person version of Temple Run on the Gear VR at Samsung Unpacked event in Berlin yesterday. Imangi Studios have confirmed the endless runner will be available at Gear VR’s launch.

Screen shot 2014-09-04 at 12.41.26
The creators of Monument Valley are developing Land’s End for Gear VR

The creators of Monument Valley, UsTwo Games, have announced they are working on a new game for Gear VR as well. Called Land’s End, UsTwo Games described  it on Twitter as a “surreal trip through an archipelago of forgotten worlds.”

As well as announcing The Room Three on their Facebook Page, Fireproof Games said they are working on a new title called Omega Agent exclusively for the Gear VR. Fireproof Games described the game as: “Set on a remote island training facility for cold-war super-spies, the player straps on a prototype nuclear-powered jetpack and blasts around a city filled with breath-taking events and daring missions.”

Jetpack around a tropical island in Agent Omega

nDreams have also announced they are making two new games for the Gear VR. Gunner sees you man an intergalactic weapon turret shooting down a storm of deadly fighters and planet-sized cruisers. Perfect Beach is a much more relaxed affair, in which you can escape to virtual reality to enjoy guided meditation and relaxation music.

Harmonix, developers of the popular console franchise Rock Band, also confirmed on social media they are working on a product for Gear VR, but were much more cryptic, only saying they would reveal more soon.

Working similar to Google Cardboard but produced in parternship with Oculus Technology, the Gear VR provides a headset and goggles to view the Galaxy Note 4’s 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display as an immersive virtual reality.