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Finger flicking RSI caused by App Store

The app store is great, the apps are great, the iPhone is great… except for one aspect.

Now I’ve wildly downloaded easily fifty-something apps in the last month and deleted countless others, I’m left with a stupid number of iPhone homescreens. So many, in fact, that it takes a good few seconds to scroll from my bookmarked sites at one end to the iPhone default homescreen at the other.

For all the incredible features, slick interface and world-beating technology, the one thing Apple has overlooked with the iPhone is the thing they’re known for in all other products – the basic user interface.

When it had but one homescreen the iPhone interface was simple enough. Tap the app you want and you’re off. Now, with countless apps being downloaded we’re filling up the 4×4 app per homescreen spaces faster than ever.

So what’s the answer? I thought it was to be organised. Most used apps up front, games on one homescreen, links on another etc etc. This worked fine until I updated apps I’d downloaded and found the Feng Shui of my homescreens completely ruined. The same goes for downloading new apps, they’re just unceremoniously dumped onto the phone without any regard for your locational preferences.

If the rumours are to be believed, Apple has quashed an iPhone version of cover flow for apps. Word is it dug too deep into the iPhone software (coming from a jailbreak background) but it wouldn’t surprise me if the Cupertino boys are holding off until they get their own apps (beyond Remote) out there. At the very least an upgrade to the iPhone software to provide a more seamless browsing experience should be on the cards.

Until then I’m left flicking across the phone so regularly I’m worried a horizontal groove will appear across that beautiful screen.

Developers? Apple? Please help.