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Find custom ROMs, apps, and OTA updates with GooManager

Find custom ROMs and the full collection of Google Apps for your Android phone using GooManager.

GooManager is a ROM managing app (not dissimilar to ROM Manager) which connects your device to the server. This server hosts a variety of custom ROMs and Gapps (Google Apps) updates.

The app works in collaboration with TWRP (TeamWin Recovery Project). TWRP is a recovery MOD which runs in a similar way to ClockworkMod. If you have already rooted your device you will have most likely done this by installed ClockworkMod onto your device. Simply put GooManager works at the front end of your device, helping you to download different ROMs as well as Gapps updates and ROM OTA (over the air) updates.

OTA updates help reduce the size of update files, making updating a ROM much faster. TWRP is then used to flash these ROMs onto your device, as well as offering backup and recovery services, just like the Clockwork Recovery MOD.

To start exploring GooManger and accessing its variety of custom ROMS you will need to have rooted your device. Browsing for ROMs in GooManager is limited to the ROMS which have been uploaded to the GooManager server, but you can also download ROMs manually onto your device that aren’t on their server, and locate them in your storage through GooManager, flashing them through the app.

Follow these steps to get acquainted with your rooted device’s new best friend when it comes to flashing ROMs and updates.

  1. 1

    Install GooManager app

    Depending on what ROM you are running you may have GooManager installed already. If this is the case you will find it in your apps. If not visit the Play Store and search for GooManager, download and install it. Open the app and grant the request for SuperUser permissions.

  2. 2

    Install Open Recovery Script

    Tap the menu icon/ button on your device. Tap Install OpenRecoveryScript. GooManager will take you to the appropriate TWRP file. Download it and it will be automatically installed. To access TWRP recovery tap Reboot into Recovery where you can backup, wipe, restore your system and install ROM’s manually.

  3. 3

    Manual Open Recovery Script installation

    If GooManager can’t find an OpenRecoveryScript for your device, you will have to install TWRP manually. Visit to locate the file you need for your device, download it. Repeat the same process you did when rooting your phone, but use the .tar file you just downloaded instead.

  4. 4

    Browsing GooManager ROMs

    In GooManager tap Browse Compatible ROMs. Tap and ROM to look at its latest versions. Select a version to be taken to a download page. Tap Begin Download, downloading it to your device. After download in the GooManager menu tap Flash ROMs to access all downloaded ROMs.

  5. 5

    Download Gapps package

    From the GooManager main menu tap Download Gapps Packages. Confirm that you want to download the latest Gapps. You will be taken to a page which will begin the download automatically. Review the download in the status window. Once complete in the GooManager main menu tap Flash ROMs.

  6. 6

    Installing ROMs and Gapps

    In the Flash ROMs menu check the ROM you would like to install. Tap Order & Flash selected. In the next window check Create backup to backup your device’s current firmware, you should also do a full backup of your devise data before continuing. Tap OK then tap Flash.

  7. 7

    Running your new ROM

    If the ROM sticks on the Boot screen. Switch off your device, hold down the volume UP, Power and Home button all at once, entering TWRP recovery. Restore the backup you made. Once your device reboots repeat step 5, this time checking Wipe cache/ dalvik cache partition and Wipe Data.

  8. 8

    Installing a ROM from zip

    To add a manually downloaded ROM from your internal storage or SD card in the Flash ROM menu tap Add zip from another location. Find the folder a ROM has been downloaded. Tap the ROM to add it to your list of flashable ROMs in Goo Manager.

  9. 9

    Updating Gapps and ROMs

    Tap Check for updates. Goo Manager will present you with any avalible ROM or Gapps updates. Tap on an available update to download it. Goo Manager works with OTA updates, meaning you only have to download the updated parts of a ROM, not an entirely new version of that ROM.

  10. 10

    Setup update frequency

    Tap the Menu icon/ button. Tap Settings. Tap Rom update check frequency. Select how often you want GooManager to check for updates. This can help avoid constant updates of the very latest versions of a ROM. Set update check frequency to Never if you prefer to check for updates manually.