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Find battery-hogging apps in iOS 8

iOS 8 brought with it a much-requested function to view how apps use your battery

Battery life is one of the biggest concerns that any smartphone or tablet user has. Our iPhones and iPads power super hi-res screens that are used constantly throughout the day. It’s no surprise, then, that the battery can drain rather quickly. Some users have complained that upgrading to iOS 8 has resulted in lowered battery life, especially when using an older device such as an iPhone 5.

iOS 8 also brought with it a new Battery Usage function hiding in your Settings menu. Now you are able to discover apps have been secretly chipping about at your battery life. You get to see results from the previous 24 hours and the last seven days, but it doesn’t go beyond that. Some of the results may well surprise you, and potentially force you to think whether a certain app is worth having on your device in return for a late-afternoon top-up. In this tutorial we’re using an iPhone to show you the straightforward process, but it applies in the same way to iPads.


1 Usage

So your battery life is playing up? Go to your Settings app and hit General. Now tap on the Usage tab. You’ll see this screen. The option we want to take a closer look at is Battery Usage.


2 Breakdown

Battery Usage is broken down into two tabs: Last 24 Hours and Last 7 Days. You get statistics from all the apps that use your battery. Are some of the big battery drainers worth keeping?


3 Suggestions

iOS 8 will provide a few suggestions, with a view to saving some battery life. It centres around the screen, naturally – turning your brightness down will have a dramatic effect.