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Fake MobileMe is phishing for details…

Here are iCreate towers we are used to being bombarded with spam emails, we get all of the ‘male enhancement’ messages, a few Russian women who want to meet us and everyone on the team has won some kind of lottery or other.

We also get all of the secret messages from company tycoons in other countries who are desperate to share their wealth with us if we’d just send them a few details and cheque for a small amount to cover the administration of a huge money transfer. What we never expected to get was an email that pretends to be an official MobileMe communication trying to get us to renew our subscription. What was even less likely was that we almost fell for it.

The phishing scam is very well worded, very well designed and could easily fool MobileMe customers so be very wary. Here is a grab of the communication we received:


As you can see it looks pretty official and we even (having already worked out that it was fraudulent) clicked the link to see what the payment page was like. It too was very convincing.


The thing to remember with all of these scams is that no reputable company will ask you to deliver bank details via a link in an email. They will always ask you to log into your official account first so that you can change details or make payments securely. If a company you trust does send you a notification of this kind you should always double check that the information in the email is correct by either visiting the official site and logging in or phoning their customer services.

So be warned, even we Mac users are starting to become the target of phishing scams and these guys are getting good. There are a lot of people out there trying to take you for all you’re worth so be extremely vigilant!