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Explore new features in Google Photos

Discover the new features in Google Photos with these handy tips

Google Photos

Google Photos

Google recently announced some new features for its dedicated gallery and photo-organising app, including facial recognition that automatically organises your photos based on who is in them.

This new feature means that you can now search your entire media collection in your app for photos of a specific person. You can even create very specific searches by combining people’s names with other factors, such as locations.

The latest version of Photos lets you tweak this recognition by attaching your own labels to photos, which is handy if Google labels someone incorrectly or if you want to use a nickname.

You can create labels for the people in your photos. This enables you to perform specific searches, for example if you had a day trip with a friend, you can find photos that feature your friend in this location by searching for it.

To check whether facial recognition is available in your version of Photos, launch the app and tap the blue magnifying glass. You’ll then see all the different folders the app has created for your photos – look for a People section.

If you do find a People section, it will have folders for all the different people in your photos. To create a label, open a folder, select the Who is this field and enter the label. Now you can incorporate this label in your searches.

You can hide all photos that feature a particular person (handy if you’ve had a falling out!). To hide a person, go to the People section and long-press on the folder containing the person you want to hide. Select Hide from the toolbar.

When you hide someone, they won’t appear in the Rediscover this day card. If you haven’t seen this feature, open the Assistant page and scroll down. You should see a Rediscover card asking whether you want to opt into this service.

The latest version also introduces pinch to zoom. To use this, perform a search. When the results appear, pinch with an inwards motion – the app will zoom out so you can see more of the results. To zoom in, pinch outwards.