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Explore advanced features in Dropbox

Your Dropbox account can do so much more than simply storing files.

There’s a good bet that if you’ve got an Android device you’ve got a Dropbox account. It’s one of the best cloud-storage providers out there, and a lot of phones offer extra storage space when you buy them. Plus the multi-platform nature of the service means you can share files between your Android and iOS devices, and home computer without too much hassle. You probably understand the basics of how the Android app works, and how to move your files around, but this tutorial will walk you through some parts of it you might have missed, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your Android Dropbox experience.

We’ll show you how to automatically back up your photos and videos, get some extra storage, and ensure that all of your files are kept safe from prying fingers. All you’ll need is the app installed and you’re good to go.

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  1. Dropbox 1

    Hit the settings

    Most of the tweaks in this tutorial happen in the settings menu. Head there and you can set your account to automatically backup your photos. You can change whether it uploads them via WiFi and set whether the app uploads videos too.

  2. Dropbox 2

    Pay through the store

    You probably already knew you could upgrade your account, but did you know you could pay for it through the Google Play Store? It’s pretty handy to know if you’ve got some spare credit on the store and need some extra storage.

  3. Dropbox 3

    Get more storage

    If you’re running a little low on storage and you don’t want to have to pay any more, you can get friends to join Dropbox from the app. You’ll get an extra 500MB for each one of them that signs up.

  4. Dropbox 4

    Add a PIN

    If you want to add some more security to your account then you can add a pin from the settings menu. This four digit security pass means anyone picking up your phone can’t instantly access all of the files you’ve got stored in the cloud.

  5. Dropbox 5

    Go safer still

    You can also set the app to automatically delete any downloaded Dropbox files if the PIN is entered incorrectly ten times. It might not be the best idea if you’re forgetful, but it’s another way of ensuring nothing falls into the wrong hands.

  6. Dropbox 6

    Sign up for more

    Lastly you can sign-up for the early releases program. This lets you get new builds of the app before other people. They might not always be stable, but it means you’ll be the first to get any cool new features that are added.