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Exclusive App Preview: Lyrics

Our friends over at Moop.Me (makers of the brilliant iNap) are still waiting for Apple to approve their latest app, Lyrics. Submitted on January 5th, It seems this fun little application is taking longer than most apps to be approved. While they wait, the guys have decided to share the love and send over a preview copy to iPhone Kung Fu so, when it finally becomes available,  you’ll know what to expect. Here are our thoughts after a few days of play:

The Basics
Lyrics, as you might have guessed, is a simple app for searching for lyrics to popular songs. Search by Song or Artist to reveal the words you’re after and album artwork for the chosen track. You can then favourite the track if you wish in order to quickly access the lyrics in future and build up a library of your preferred songs for one-click access.


There are no frills when it comes to the design of Lyrics which is just what you need when you want to find results quickly. The app’s icon is cute while the interface is modest and functional. Lyrics can be viewed by flicking a finger across the screen.

During our time playing about Lyrics it seems most songs you’re after will be found. Powered by, there are apparently 700,00 songs currently available with more added daily. Last.FM also provides a selection of lyrics to the app. The speed of searches are impressive, even when not on a high speed network.

Cool Trick
We found a great way to get a party started with this app. Simply play music on your iPhone while you use Lyrics to turn your device into a portable Karaoke machine. Even better if you plug the output into your stereo and get a microphone involved as well!


Coming Soon
Why Apple is dragging its heels with this submission is beyond us and we hope this Lyrics makes it to the App Store soon. We will let you know as soon as the app goes live and also update soon on the price of the app. Based on our initial exploration of Lyrics, it’ll definitely be worth a download once it becomes available.


Lyrics is now available on the App Store for £1.19 Click here to view the App Store page.

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