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Everything’s going digital – Even smoking!


Everyone can now start smoking.

Hold on, put down the phone, stop the emails, I’m not serious! I’m just excited by the latest revolution in consumer tech… the SuperSmoker.

Now, one wouldn’t assume that a synthetic cigarette could be deemed technology but this actually can. The SuperSmoker contains no tobacco and does not burn. It’s made up of a microchip (there’s the technology for the purists) and liquid.

Yes, what you’re thinking is correct – it’s harmless.

Those who don’t smoke wont see the appeal here but those frustrated by the public smoking bans, craving that nicotine fix where they’re not allowed no longer have to resort to gum or patches. The SuperSmoker provides all the joys of smoking and almost no negatives. I can sit at my desk, in a bar, on the bus or a plane and puff away safe in the knowledge I’m not hurting anyone, including myself.

So, what’s the deal? It looks like a large cigarette combined with a biro and it’s battery powered (lasting around a day on full charge). You inhale as you would a normal cigarette through the traditional filter tip, a red LED lights up at the opposite end (imitating burning and also providing information on battery life) and your mouth is filled with “smoke” which is actually harmless vapour that tastes like tobacco but is actually made up of food products within the liquid.

Expect odd looks, questions and, in some extreme cases, threats from the unenlightened public but be safe in the knowledge you’re legally untouchable.

The SuperSmoker costs £79 for the unit with refill cartridges available online for £7.95. One cartridge provides the same number of puffs as 15 traditional cigarettes and therefore provides almost a 65% saving on traditional smoking.

I found I got a little carried away with the novelty and used both the battery and a cartridge in a matter of hours but, this was mainly due to showing off to co-workers and terrifying the management. More relaxed usage will see greater lifespan.

The sensation is as close to smoking as can be, right down to the “kick” you feel at the back of your throat and the rush of that oh so addictive nicotine, you even get to breath out those beautiful white plumes.

It’s true, digital smoking is the future. Just like the iPod changed music, SuperSmoker will change addiction. You don’t HAVE to quit if you don’t want to and you don’t HAVE to sit outside anymore. There is now an alternative.

Still not convinced this is cool enough to ditch regular smokes?

Rolling Stone, Bill Wyman begs to differ… do I dare say he can now get the “satisfaction” he craves?