eSports Pros Crowdfund Own Brand Of Gaming Peripherals, Internet Goes Wild

Fnatic – a pro eSports team that’s been at the forefront of professional gaming for 11 years – has launched its own brand of gaming gear, and sourced $227,000 for its cause so far.

The campaign – which shows no sign of slowing down as it enters its final day – aims to provide eSports grade equipment to gamers with their eyes set on professional careers, but do so at an acceptable, consumer-friendly price.

Fnatic isn’t just coming out of nowhere to do this, though; the team has partnered up with other hardware manufacturers before – even acquiring Swedish hardware producers Func. Fnatic knows what gamers require in professional environments and the campaign is committed to delivering a focussed line of hardware that suits the needs of professionals (in an industry worth over $1.9 billion, that’s a pretty good niche to have, right?)