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Epson EH-TW9200W 3D Projector review

Is this projector worth the enormous price tag?

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 12.52.46Projectors are undoubtedly still considered a niche product, but there’s no denying the technology behind them has vastly improved over the past couple of years. Epson is at the forefront of a lot of these developments and the TW9200W is the manufacturer’s latest high-end projector to hit the market.

For a substantial amount of money, people will expect an incredibly well-made product. Thankfully every aspect of the TW9200W’s white chassis looks the part while the dual front grilles and curved edges give it a nice sleek finish. Thanks to the wireless hub that ships with the projector, there are little noticeable features on the projector itself. Both the focus and zoom controls sit at the top, while the automatic lens cover slides open whenever the projector is turned on. Although there are a couple of HDMI ports, as well component and composite options around the back of the projector, it’s the wireless receiver that ships with it that has the biggest arrangement of ports. With five HDMI inputs and a MHL port for smartphone streaming, there are also optical outputs to connect to multiple screens and a charging port for the accompanying 3D glasses.

The small wireless receiver can help save a lot of space among your various electrical kits, but the wireless connection between receiver and projector does need a direct line of sight to maintain. When it comes to projecting, the TW9200W is in a world of its own. Users can pinpoint the exact size, shape and colour ratio they want to stream at. Many projectors can offer slightly ropey black levels, while motion stability tends to be a concern in cheaper offerings. These two common problems are nonexistent here. As far as projectors go, Epson’s TW9200W is very expensive, but it’s a simply fantastic projector.