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Enhance your Mac’s audio output

Master audio boosting, enhanced equalisation and add effects with Boom 2

When it comes to audio, it’s most likely you already think your Mac, or indeed any Apple device, sounds great. But if you want added performance, where can you go? Well to reference Spinal Tap, Boom 2 is an app designed to push Mac audio to 11. Available from the Mac App Store and engineered for OS X Yosemite, Boom 2 boasts features to enhance volume, equalise system sound and add special effects. This makes it ideal for squeezing more audio juice out of smaller speakers on MacBooks, but also delivering more punch to studio setups. We’ll examine those core capabilities and explain how and why they work to deliver more bang for your buck.


1. Set up Boom 2

Initially, the app runs a short system detection and configuration process. After installing the Audio component, click the Continue button on the main Equaliser tab.


2. Boom Volume setting

The first control on the Equaliser tab is for Boom Volume, where current system volume is boosted. This can be toggled off and raised or decreased via the slider.


3. The equaliser

A graphic equaliser lets you manually drag frequency points up or down the Hz/kHz scale, with sound ranges isolated via icon buttons for bass, vocals and treble.


4. Equaliser presets

Once confirmed, manual edits can be named and saved to a preset list to the right. Use this drop-down to select suggested equaliser curves for popular performance styles.


5. Extra effects

Lastly on this panel you can toggle between Ambience and Fidelity effects using the twin icon buttons. Click the arrows to access the level sliders and set levels.


6. File boosting

Drag audio or video files onto the File Boosting panel, click the button and Boom 2 saves a ‘boosted’ copy. The Customize options set file suffix and destination.