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Enhance voice-overs with preset effects

Take advantage of iMovie’s effects palette to add spice to your voice-overs

While it is simple enough to record a voice-over to accompany your iMovie tutorials, the chances are it’ll come out a little dry. Fortunately, iMovie has a vast selection of preset audio effects that you can use to enhance vocal clips. Although there are several fun effects like Robot
and Cosmic, which will transform your voice into something completely different, the more practical reverb effects like Small Room and Echo Delay are more likely to be used in serious projects.
These effects can also be used in harmony with iMovie’s various speed settings for more flexibility. So even if you weren’t able to record all you wanted to say during your video, you can speed up your voice-over without having to compromise the video by slowing it down.


1 Import and record

Import your video and create a project. Choose the point you wish to record from. Press V and click on the Microphone icon underneath the preview window to record your voice-over.


2 Add effects

Once your audio clip is recorded, select it and press the 3 key to open the Adjustments bar. From there, select the second icon in from the right to access the Audio Effect menu.


3 Adjust volume

Your effect adjustment may have changed the volume of your track. To adjust this, drag the middle black line up or down, checking the track’s waveform until you’re satisfied.


4 Change the speed

Click the tortoise icon in the adjustments bar and select Custom from the Speed drop-down. Drag the grey bar on the top of your audio track to fit your video. Ensure ‘Preserve pitch’ is ticked.