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Elgato Thunderbolt Dock Review: Connect everything

A handy Thunderbolt hub with USB 3.0, HDMI, Ethernet and more for users who need more connectivity from their Macs

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Compatible with • MacBook Pro • MacBookAir • iMac • Mac mini • Mac Pro

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Price: £189.95/$230

As you might imagine, we’ve fully subscribed to Apple’s grand vision for the future. It’s one full of feather-light laptops, with life filtered through a Retina lens. The primary problem here is that there’s not a lot of room for connectivity in this future. We need ports, Apple. Thankfully, Elgato answered the call and delivered this, the latest Thunderbolt Dock. It’s the perfect accessory for anyone struggling with the lack of Ethernet ports on the MacBook Airs and new Retina Pros, for those that desire HDMI ports on their razor- thin Airs – and hey, maybe you just need a couple of extra USB ports. Elgato has you covered.

The Dock, which plugs in to your Mac’s Thunderbolt port, adds three USB 3.0 ports, another Thunderbolt port, a HDMI and Ethernet port and both a headphone and microphone jack – which is perfect for those struggling with the Airs’ combined jack setup. It is worth noting that the Dock isn’t portable – it requires an external power source – but that shouldn’t be a problem. This dock is designed to refine your home setup, to stop you from wasting time messing around with multiple connections.

The Thunderbolt Dock is a sexy piece of kit as well; its matte aluminium finish is sleek, and is a match made in heaven when hooked up to your beloved MacBook. It’s also surprisingly solid, measuring in at just 175mm wide and 80mm tall. A desk can get cluttered quickly enough without having yet another device strewn across it, but the Thunderbolt Dock is the best way to manage the cables and clutter hanging from your MacBook.

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Sounds perfect, right? While the Elgato Thunderbolt Dock has made our lives a hell of a lot easier, it does come at quite the price.Right now, you can pick the Dock up for £180 from the Apple store. This is an expensive piece of kit, but it stacks up with the competition and is value for money in its price bracket. If you’re looking to expand your connectivity with a professional solution, you’ll have trouble finding another device as useful as Elgato’s Thunderbolt Dock.

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Pros A great device, which looks as great as it works

Cons Expensive, for those with a grudge against their Mac’s options

Orange 5 Stars

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