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Edit with Pixelmator in Photos

Use Pixelmator’s powerful tools to create stunning photo edits

Pixelmator is now available on iPad, bringing with it powerful editing, painting and vector shape tools that work brilliantly with the touch screen. The team behind Pixelmator have also managed to integrate these powerful features into the Photos app, thanks to the new Extensions functionality in the latest iOS 8 operating system.
The result is a selection of tools that can be accessed right within the Photos app. You won’t find every Pixelmator tool here – so its app will undoubtedly still be used regularly – but the breadth of options is really impressive. Whether you want to add filters and effects, or just colour- correct your image, the tools you need are at your fingertips, and more powerful than anything Photos alone offers. Let’s see just what it can do.

Step 1

1 Add the extension

First, open up the Photos app and choose an image you want to edit. You’ll need to ensure that Pixelmator is installed on your iPad, then tap Edit, hit the ellipsis (…) icon and choose More.

Step 2

2 Activate it

Once you’ve switched the Pixelmator option on, press Done and then tap the Pixelmator option that should now have appeared in the menu. You’ll jump straight into the interface.

Step 3

3 View your options

At the bottom of the screen are all your options for improving your photo. The left end of the list contains tools for improving your photo, with effects and filters on the right.

Step 4

4 Hue & Saturation

To make more of the colours in your shot, tap the Hue & Saturation option in the bottom bar. A colour wheel will appear on the photo, along with colour controls at the bottom.

Step 5

5 Drag it

Tap and hold on the cross at the centre of the colour circle and you’ll be able to drag it around the image, so you’ll always be able to see the area that you’re trying to edit.

Step 6

6 Circular controls

Now tap and drag the smaller circle around the edge of the main controller. Your photo will change in real time to reflect the alterations you’re making with the controller.

Step 7

7 Sliders

Tap on the multicoloured circle in the bottom- left of the screen and two sliders will appear, allowing you to change the overall brightness and saturation of your shot.

Step 8

8 Multiple choice

Tap on one of the coloured circles and you can adjust the same settings for individual colours – it’s great for picking out a single colour by decreasing the saturation of others.

Step 9

9 Save it all

When you’re happy with the changes you’ve made with the Pixelmator extension, tap the Done button in the top-right of the screen to save your shot back to the Camera Roll.