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Edit incredible black-and-white photos

Use Photos’ advanced tools to create moody black-and-white shots on your Mac

Black-and-white effects can create some really striking photos; whether they’re heavy on contrast or use greyer palettes fora more mysterious image, the effect is incredibly adaptable.

However, some people fall into the trap of blindly applying the effect to every photo they take.

Choosing the right image for the Black & White effect is a huge part of getting a fantastic result; you should only apply the effect to photos that will benefit from the lack of colour.

Black & White shouldn’t be a default but the effect can be a great way of changing the mood or feel of a photo, or even rescuing a shot that otherwise would’ve been heading for your Trash.
Photos step 1

1 Choose the right image
The most important part of the process is choosing the right photo. Don’t choose shots if colour is important; focus on shots with good contrast between light and dark.Photos step 2

2 Adjust
Click the Edit button in the top-right corner of the Photos window and when the options appear on the right, choose the Adjust option. This is represented by a small dial icon.

Photos step 33 Black & White
Your first port of call will be the Black & White section; click the downward arrow to open the options and adjust the Intensity setting to create a basis for your effect.Photos step 4

4 Light options
Once you’ve adjusted the Neutrals and Tone settings, move up to the Light section. The Highlights and Shadows can be used to great effect here to bring out more detail.Photos step 5

5 Add Vignette
At the top of the Adjustments section is an Add button – click this and choose the Vignette option from the menu. This can give your black-and-white image even more pop.Photos step 6

6 Adjust the adjustments

Getting the right balance of different settings will take a little while – tweak everything in small increments, mixing different options together to create a powerful finished image.