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Edit images in Numbers

Make your spreadsheets a little more stylish by adding images

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MacbookPro Left facing-tutorial_01
Numbers is notable for its great-looking charts and tables, plus it can help you create stylish spreadsheets with ease. What you may not realise, however, is that it also features a relatively sophisticated image editor complete with iPhoto integration. Even if your iPhoto library isn’t up to scratch, you can still just drag in any image from your desktop or insert one by using the menubar.
Once you’ve settled on an image, you can manipulate it in several ways. As well as adding borders, shadows and reflections, you can also crop, add transparency with Instant Alpha, adjust exposure or saturation and use the ubiquitous Auto Enhance. You can even check your image’s exposure with a histogram, which affords access to even more advanced editing features.

Find even more expert tutorials in the latest issue of iCreate.


Most people know how to make a Smart Album; go to the File menu and select New Smart Album. But there’s actually an even quicker way of doing this, using the nifty keyboard shortcut of Alt+Command+N. Now you get smart even quicker!


To create a Smart Album all you need to do is select a search criteria from the first drop-down menu, such as Keyword or Rating, and enter some values. What’s even better is that you can hit the + to add further search criteria allowing you to build a super Smart Album.


You can duplicate your album and then edit it to match or unmatch criteria. Right-click on the album and choose Duplicate. Next right- click on the doppelganger album and choose Edit Smart Album. You can then add or subtract criteria to create an alternate version.


Smart Albums work best when you do your best. Ensure your images carry as many appropriate keywords, ratings and metadata as possible. You should also enter geographical information to assist Places, and name the people in your shots for Faces to work well.