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Echofon PRO for Twitter review

Is Echofon the best Twitter client available for Android devices? Read on to find out.

Amongst the plethora of Twitter clients comes Echofon, a simple enough app that promises fantastic design and usability. From the get go you’ll soon notice the similrities between Echofon and the stock Twitter app, and in terms of design the two are almost spitting images. You can navigate between the various sections of the app by using the icons at the bottom of the app, and scroll through your timeline of tweets by simply scrolling down the list. Retweeting, adding someone to a list and following a new profile all have specific icons, meaning you won’t get confused, and shows how Echofon is more suited for people looking for a more simple user experience.

When you start looking a little deeper, a few problems do start to arise. Thumbnails for profiles are very pixelated, and letdown the look of your timeline. Creating an entirely new list is a bit of a mission, and without knowing your way around the stock Twitter app, you may even look the past the menu that lets you perform this function. Adding locations to your tweets is also a bit hit and miss, and depends on the functionality of your phone’s GPS.

Echofon should be applauded for certain areas though. The accompanying widget is fantastic, and can be customised to fit whatever space you’ve left on your home screen. There are different themes you can apply to the app itself to make it easier to read, and getting instant notifications when you receive a tweet is a big plus.

Echofon certainly has its good points that’ll please a lot of users. In some ways, however, it’s far too similar to the stock Twitter app, and is letdown by some occasionally dodgy design work, and poorly functioning features. There are better alternatives on the Play Store.