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DwellStudio for Stellé Audio Pillar Review – Style and substance

Style, portability and well-balanced sound add a touch of class to your lounge with the DwellStudio for Stellé Audio Pillar speaker


Compatibility • iPod • iPhone • Mac • Any Bluetooth device

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Price: £349/$399

Stellé Audio Couture, the producer of the Pillar speaker, has teamed up with designers DwellStudio, hence the name, to add a touch of style to its standard speaker. You can choose between the Matte Black with Metallic Gold Print and Pewter with Metallic Silver Print models.

There is no doubt that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the instant visual appeal of the DwellStudio for Stellé Audio Pillar will grab some and deter others. Looking past the aesthetics, the unit has a solid feel to it but isn’t as hefty as its persona may suggest. The speaker weighs in at 3lb, measures a foot high (30cm) and has a diameter of just over four inches (11cm). This makes it easy to pick up with one hand and move around. The unit has a strong rubber base too, meaning it won’t be slipping off any table or shelf.


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Sitting at the bottom of the unit is a set of subtle, almost invisible, integrated controls and connections. On offer is the on/off switch, power input, a 3.5mmauxiliaryinputandaUSB connection.TheStelléneeds charging up and in the box there is a universal charger with plugs for every country configuration. When fully charged the Stellé will provide around 12-15 hours of continuous play. There is also a 3.5mm double- ended jack that comes with the Studio for connecting devices like an iPod. A neat addition is USB, which can be used to charge devices when the unit is on. What it doesn’t have is a headphone socket – a minor point, but we would have liked to see one.
However, the key feature is the Bluetooth capability of the Stellé. Hold down the button and the speaker greets you with the message that the Stellé is pairing. No messing here, it’s straight to the crux of the matter. We were paired, connected and playing tunes within seconds. It doesn’t get much simpler than this.

The Stellé is powered by proprietary1.5-inchstereospeakers andathree-inchsubwoofer.The speakers are placed on top of the Stellé, meaning that the sound emanates upwards rather than straight at you. The subwoofer is placed at the bottom and gives a smooth well-balanced sound, with bass being strong but not overpowering. The controls sit on the top for manual adjustment and pump out plenty of volume. However, as we reach the top end the sound loses its smoothness.

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Pros: Easy to set up and operate, a stylish portable speaker

Cons: The design may not be to every taste, no headphone socket

Orange 4 Stars