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How to

Do You Even Know How To Use A Chainsaw?

Ok, boring bit but safety first and all that:

01 Stay out of the way

A falling tree can fall on you faster than you can say ‘timber’! Check around you – is the tree on a slope? Which way will it fall? Is there a strong wind?

02 Wear a hard hat

Trees are heavy, and large branches can be too. If something happens to fall on you, protect your noggin and make sure you’re wearing a hard hat.

03 Don’t be an eyesore

Chainsaws can be nasty things, spitting out wood like buckshot. You don’t want to get one of those splinters in your eye, so wear protective goggles.

04 Be a nice chap

One slip of the chainsaw and you could find yourself separated from your legs. Wear chainsaw chaps – leg protectors made from layers of bulletproof Kevlar.

05 What did you say?

Chainsaws are crazy loud and, if you are using one continuously, investing in a set of ear protectors is one of the first things you should do.

Now onto the fun stuff:

01 Where’s the ‘on’ button?

Before starting, lay the chainsaw on the ground, push the hand guard forward to put the chain brake on and hold the handlebar with your left hand. Pull out the choke, then use your right foot to hold down the throttle trigger and pull the starting handle to bring it to life.

02 Stay firm

Be careful where you swing that thing! Be aware of who and what is around you (don’t trip yourself up). Always keep a firm hold of the handle with your left hand, keep good footing and retain good balance at all times by not overreaching with the saw.

03 Kicks like a mule

Sometimes, if the chainsaw tip hits something hard or is pinched, it will kick back at you with lightning speed. You can’t totally avoid this, but you can minimise it with a firm grip, good balance and always be aware of where the tip of the saw is positioned.