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Disable Google Now forever

Not a fan of the personal assistant? Use this hidden fix in order to permanently remove Google Now from your device

Google Now has become one of the premier ways users can access any information they desire on their Android devices. It collates data based on your search history and internet usage to provide you with specially crafted cards that cover a wide range of topics, including sports results, entertainment news, stock prices and even app recommendations. With prolonged use, many users will find Google Now to be an information hub, but for some it can be a little overbearing in the ways it continuously delivers you new information every time you access it.

Although it’s a fairly simple task to simply remove certain cards from your personal Google Now account, alternate cards that Google can offer will simply replace them. However, hidden away through the Google Now menu system, users can permanently disable Google Now on their device. Read on to find out exactly how to do it.

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  1. step1

    Open Google Now

    If you’ve previously removed the Google search bar from your device’s home screen, you’ll need to open up Google Now through the official Google app. Depending on the last time you opened the app, it can take a few minutes for the new Google Now cards to finish syncing.

  2. step2

    Find the settings

    After the app has stopped syncing, you’ll be prompted to allow or disallow new cards; make sure to choose Disallow for each of these if you’re disabling Google Now. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and press the menu icon and then the Settings option provided.

  3. step3

    Disable Google Now

    To turn off Google Now, press on the toggle at top of the app. After you’ve disabled the Google Now service, the app will automatically set each card back to its default settings. It will also remove any additional cards that you’ve added to it through third-party apps.

  4. step4

    Location history option

    When disabling Google Now on your device, you can also turn off the Location History feature. This means that any data Google has collated about your current location will be deleted, but it could impact on how some third-party apps work on your device.

  5. step5

    Did it work?

    Press on the home button on your device and venture back into the Google app through the app drawer. Again, the app will attempt to sync cards, but this time around you should find a blank menu appear with the ‘Get Google Now’ phrase near the top of the screen.

  6. step6

    Disabling cards

    If you decide that disabling Google Now isn’t for you, then how about disabling some of the cards instead? With Google Now enabled, press on the menu icon on any of the cards and select the Disable option from the list provided to remove it from the service.