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Deus Ex: The Fall for Android game review

We review the latest addition to the Deus Ex series of games for Android

Despite having a stellar line up of games on previous PlayStation consoles, the Deus Ex series has largely gone unnoticed in the past, but the arrival of Deus Ex: The Fall on Android could soon change all that.

At it’s core, The Fall is a first person shooter, that sees you shredding through enemies and machines of the future. Playing as Ben Saxon, you must use your combined weapon set and various skills to takedown a corporation who wants him dead.

You’ll notice as you begin to play that the story is told pretty well, even if some of the cut scenes do tend to drag on a bit occasionally and although we won’t give anything away, the ending is so-so to say the least.

As you get stuck into the action side of things, the game really comes into its own. Multiple enemies will appear on your screen at the same time but the controls remain fluid and easy to use.

There’s a decent selection of weapons and future technology to use on offer and each feels varied to really make them individual. The amount of enemies that can appear and graphical demand to run the game will require a decent specced phone, however.

It’s also worth noting that The Fall is a pretty long game. Keen gamers will finish the game in six to seven hours, but if you’re new to the genre, or just a recreational gamer, you’ll plough many more hours into it.

Levels can tend to be a bit repetitive, but there’s plenty of secondary objectives and with the additional skills you can learn at different points, there’s also a great deal of replay value.

Although it may not offer something truly unique, Deus Ex: The Fall is without doubt one of the best games of 2014, so far. Both the gameplay and graphics are highest calibre and if you take aside the slightly boring cutscenes, this is a game definitely worth checking out.