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Deus Ex: Human Revolution for Mac Review

An eerie tactical battle is taking the Mac App Store by surprise...

Available From: Mac App Store

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Minimum System Requirements: • 2.0 GHz processor • 4GB RAM with 256MB VRAM • Dedicated graphics card

The Mac is slowly stepping forward into the gaming arena as newer titles are released only a few months after their launch on the major consoles. Keeping up with this trend is Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which brings HD graphics and a twisting storyline to your Mac.

Based in 2027 Detroit, the game centres around the invention of biomechanical upgrades called augmentations that are soon to come to market. These augmentations allow you to upgrade your character as the story progresses, giving you access to new powers and other abilities, adding a role-playing twist to the formula. The game places a lot of emphasis on the player; there are several ways to complete the story, so whether you want to go in with all guns blazing or take guards down silently, you can tailor your upgrades accordingly.

In terms of its looks, the game requires a fair bit of power and a dedicated graphics card, but uses them to their full. Everything looks fantastically futuristic, with locales that are incredibly atmospheric and some really impressive lighting. The sound only helps to increase the futuristic feeling, with electronic beats that swell nicely when involved in action.

At its heart the game is a first-person shooter, but in a lot of situations the camera will zoom out into third-person view. This transition works well and feels incredibly natural.

As always with games on the Mac, the controls take a little getting used to, but with so much going on we actually preferred using our keyboard and mouse over a controller. Planning moves is important but accessing every action quickly can be vital when caught off-guard.

The story twists and turns like any great detective story, and reply value is added by different endings depending on how you play. The main character, Adam, is likeable and the various side-quests are available as you play through to earn extra experience and added information on the story. There are also plenty of extras find around the game world, with tablets and reports giving some background to the main narrative and adding a really personal aspect to working out what’s really going on behind all the conspiracies and misdirection.

This version of the game also includes all the downloadable content from the original game, along with a ‘making of’ documentary, artwork and soundtrack. The result is a fully-packed game that offers a great story, brilliant graphics and gameplay that stays fresh and interesting throughout thanks to the upgrades you can obtain.