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Denon Cocoon Home Speaker Review

A stylish wireless speaker dock with power and poise, but no iPhone 5 compatibility

MainKey features • iPad, iPhone, iPod compatible • AirPlay ready

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Price: £399/$499

The Denon Cocoon Home is a speaker that undoubtedly stands out in a crowd. It makes an immediate impression with its design. It smooth lines, curved body and sterile white finish make for a speaker that many will want. The design is clean and contemporary, with a retro touch, but the style of the speaker is only part of its appeal.

The Cocoon is definitely no lightweight, it is far heavier than its look suggests. While the unit is hardly slim and slight, it still weighs in at a hefty 5.4kg – a sturdy shelf will be needed for this one. The Cocoon sits on a well-balanced base that reveals a selection of connections. Alongside the power plug sits a USB port, an Ethernet port, an Aux In and a couple of wireless connection options. There is a WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) option for connecting with routers with a WPS button. Alternatively, there is a Netlink option for connecting to a Mac or PC. The process is hardly intuitive and even following the instructions it seemed a little antiquated. We have encountered far easier wireless setups elsewhere on the market.

The wireless aspect is just one part of the Cocoon’s traits and heading back to the unit itself it is the dock that takes centre stage. The dock sits flush to the unit and incorporates an LED display. This can be used as a clock when not moving through the menu. Taking control of the menu is not an intuitive experience. The touch controls on the top of the unit are the companions for the process. Unfortunately, it is at this point that the touch controls reveal themselves to be a little hit and miss. They were not as responsive as they should have been, taking more than a few taps to get the desired effect.

The dock reveals itself with a quick press and a smooth action. It’s at this point that iPhone 5 owners will need to look away. The dock uses the 30-pin connection found on pre-iPhone 5 models. Thankfully, we had an iPhone 4S to hand to carry on testing. Hitting the Play button revealed a powerful, if not bass heavy output.

There is plenty of volume to accompany the meaty sound, but the lack of onboard controls meant the only option available to control the sound was a Loudness button on the back of the unit. All we can say is that the Cocoon simply does not offer enough for its price tag.

Buy now?

Pros Has a great design aesthetic and provides plenty of power

Cons An expensive speaker dock with no Lightning dock support

Orange 4 Stars