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Cutting Edge Grooming – 10 tips for growing your moustache

Whether its a slick ’tache or a grizzly beard, we have the best tips to stay a cut above this Movember


This November, should you be in possession of a fine face full of fuzz, there’s a good chance you’ll be shaving said moustache and beard clean off and regrowing a cover for your top lip in the name of charity. So we’ve gathered together ten of the best tips for grooming and sculpting your chosen collection of facial hair.


1.Understand your ’tache

It’s all about choosing the right moustache for your face. Certain styles suit certain face shapes, so those with oval shapes can adopt almost any style, while those with rounded faces should shoot for something thinner.


2.Break out the shampoo

Facial hair tends to be coarse, so try using a good two-in-one hair shampoo/ conditioner or a trusted ’tache shampoo. We advise you to clean it once every one to two days, but you should listen to your body and see how it reacts.


3.Embrace the face scrub

The best way to thoroughly clean your ’tache is use a strong face scrub, one that’s harsh enough to clean out all the bad bacteria, food remains and dead skin that have become lodged in your skin and your facial hair.


4.Hydrate, your skin

To avoid your skin (and subsequently your facial hair) from drying out, why not try using a beard oil or face moisturiser on a regular basis? Those with added aloe vera will also help lock in more moisture for longer.


5.Know your combs

Moustache combs can sometimes be too narrow, unevenly distributing wax and pulling out hairs. Instead, look out for one with wider gaps between the teeth or invest in a wide hair comb (pocket ones also work well).


6.Never trim a wet ’tache

Wet hair often sits heavier, flatter and lower than it would when dry, meaning you run the risk of cutting too high. So always make sure you lightly dry it with a towel, rubbing gently across the whole lip before breaking out the scissors.


7.It’s okay to over-trim

Remember, you need to let nature take its course and trim your facial hair every few days at most. Of course, it all comes down to your body and how fast your hair grows, but be sure to trim, shave and cut as and when it’s needed.


8.Use oils and waxes wisely
Oils are brilliant for adding moisture to your ’tache, as well as strengthening hairs. Oils also help break down waxes, making them easier to wash out. Try waxing once every couple of days and allow your facial hair to acclimatise.


9.Stubble can be good

When maintaining a moustache, there’s a temptation to shave all other hair around it off to create distinction. If you’re facial hair has a darker tone, try growing your stubble across your cheeks and jawline too.


10.Build the ultimate kit

Get yourself a decent brand of beard oil but don’t forget beard oil remover. As we’ve mentioned, invest in a strong hair/’tache comb, as well as a trimmer and styling scissors. Also get some moisturiser and wax.


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