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Customise your Top Sites page in Safari

Quickly get to the websites that you visit most often with Safari’s Top Sites feature

When using Safari, you can rest assured that the browser isn’t merely sitting back and leaving you to it. It is also watching you – but in a good way. It notes any sites that it figures you enjoy visiting and it displays previews of them on the Top Sites page. What appears will depend on how often and how recently you have visited each page, and so it changes often if your surfing habits are rather eclectic.

And yet you are not forced into leaving Safari to highlight what it thinks is best. You can pin sites to your Top Sites page so that they always remain there and you can remove ones you don’t like. You can decide how many tiles are shown at any one time and you can also rearrange them to suit. Here’s how to get Top Sites working as you want it to.

Step-by-step: Get to your favourite sites faster


1 View Top Sites

Open up a new tab in Safari and you will be able to see the top site selected by Safari based on the pages that you have most recently visited. They update with the latest content.


2 Rearrange tiles

Each of the tiles on the Top Sites page can be rearranged. Move your mouse over one of them and drag it into position and, when happy, simply let go and it will slot in.


3 Include a site

If there is a site you definitely want to include, then visit that site either through a web search or by typing in the URL. Open a new tab. The page should now show as a tile.


4 Pin the tile

You can make the tile a permanent top site simply by hovering over it and selecting the pin icon which will appear. When it turns blue, it is permanently pinned to Top Sites.


5 Remove tiles

Hover over a tile and again the mini-menu appears. This time, select the ‘X’ icon and the tile will instantly be removed from the Top Sites page. You can remove as many as you like.


6 Tile numbers

Finally, you can decide how many tiles you want on the Top Sites page by going to Safari>Preferences and General and selecting from the drop-down menu that appears on screen.


In-depth: Managing your Top Sites

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