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Custom Konductor templates

Create a custom template to use with the Konductor content management platform

Konductor is a new content management platform that interacts with Dreamweaver to allow for webpage editing via the web. It is billed as ‘The smarter CMS platform focused on providing a seamless workflow from design to content creation’. Users can join in the action by heading to to sign up for a free Konductor account.

Here users are provided with a unique URL and download links to the Dreamweaver extension and the Konductor AIR app. It is the installed Dreamwever extension that provides the link between the software and the Konductor AIR app. Designers create a template with any number of editable regions under the banner of New Konductor Site, which provides the necessary connection details. Templates are then synchronised with Konductor ready for use.

The Konductor AIR app needs Abode AIR installed ( and uses any uploaded Dreamweaver templates as the basis of a page. The templates leave the desired design intact while allowing multiple users to edit the predetermined regions. The perfect platform for designers to create and non-designers to edit.

Project files for this tutorial can be downloaded here.
This article was originally authored by Steve Jenkins, and featured within Web Designer issue 164

01 Register


The very first step is to head on over to and register for a Konductor account. Fill out the registration form, pay attention to Your first site ID as this is the name that will be used to reach a conductor site. To finish up click the ‘I accept. Create my account’ button.

02 Download


Konductor offers two ways to download its Dreamweaver extension and AIR application. These can be downloaded immediately after creating an account. Alternatively, following Konductor email instructions log in and click on the Downloads tab and download both. Double-click the .mxp file to install the Dreamweaver extension.

03 Konductor site definition


Once the extension has been installed a new Konductor addition appears in the Site menu. Select Site>New Konductor Site to open the Site Definition dialog window. Now enter the name of the site created in the registration process, the URL, ie and the username and password created previously.