CryEngine 4 to support Linux

Crytek has announced their fourth-generation CryEngine will include native Linux support head of the Game Developer's Conference next week

We reported yesterday on Valve’s release of the ToGL source to GitHub: an abstraction layer for Direct3D to OpenGL. This kind of technology is essential for SteamOS to properly take off, and for Steam Machines to become a true alternative to console gaming. It seems that Crytek, creator of FarCry and the Crysis series, have implemented their own solution.

Announced today, the fourth-generation CryEngine will include full native Linux support and will be part of Crytek’s show case at the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC). The benefit of having their engine able to run on Linux is that other developer’s can licence out the engine and build their games on it.

With GDC occurring next week, it will be interesting to see how the industry is reacting to the increased interest in Linux gaming over the last year

Check out the full write-up for what Crytek will be showing at GDC.