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Crop in on clips in iMovie

Cut out unwanted objects and focus solely on the subject

We’ve all had to shoot videos from far away because there are too many people in the way or we can’t get close to what we want to shoot. However, by using the Crop tool in iMovie it’s possible to cut away from crowds and make your movie centre on what really matters.
Unlike photos, you can’t crop into videos within the Photos app on iPhone and iPad, so your best option is to import them into iMovie on the Mac and deal with them there. Here it’s easy to experiment with crops, and even use the Ken Burns effect to add some classic movement. Crops work just as well with stills – you can use the same techniques to trim your images to a suitable size. We’ve detailed exactly how to do this in the following steps and given even more tips in the sidebar below.

Find even more expert tutorials in the latest issue of iCreate.


1 Adjustments

Import your clips and create a new movie. Press 3 to open the Adjustments bar and select the Crop icon, the third icon from the left. You’ll have a choice of three options.


2 Crop in

Our video of a waterfall has lots of people in the way, but by clicking Crop To Fill and selecting the subject we can eliminate the black borders and get rid of distractions.


3 Split it up

Your video will now be cropped for its duration. If you only want a certain timeframe to be cropped, right-click and split the clip. Add a transition to create a smoother segue.


4 Ken Burns

If you want your crop to move, try using the Ken Burns effect. Drag the start and end points to where you want them. You’ll have to set a new Ken Burns for each split clip.